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Below are a few comments received from past Participants and Tutors who have benefited from our program.

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the experience of the SCHP.  I have learned so much and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to learn in this unique setting.  I’m also very impressed with the global perspective of the program, something that is very dear to my heart after spending 6 months working in Zambia in 2012”.
Dr David Lean
Aspley, Qld

“I think your program is invaluable – it is always obvious which referrals come from practitioners who completed this program.  JMOs who have completed the program comment about how much more confident they feel with paediatrics, whether in GP rooms or in ED”.
Dr Josephine Rainbow
Staff Specialist Paediatrician
Director of Prevocational Education and Training
Orange Health Service

“Thank you so much.  It was an excellent program and I will be highly recommending completing SCHP to my colleagues”.
Dr Natasha Laurens, MSRPP
Esk Hospital, Qld

“Not only did I find the SCHP of high quality, useful and very relevant – particularly to my level of practice as a JMO – I very much enjoyed the program”.
Dr Jessica O’Connor

“We can never thank you enough for the opportunity given to us by SCHP to provide the most needed service to the most vulnerable of mankind”.
Dr Alhaji Alusine Jalloh
Freetown, Sierra Leone

“This programme has given me boldness to treat children and manage them with a holistic approach.  Thank you team for sharing the knowledge in a friendly way.  All caregivers need this program”.
Dr Edna Ngare-Gor
Nairobi, Kenya 

“Believe me that this whole program is so full of knowledge, it is very helpful and clinically oriented as well.  Thank you very much again”.
Dr Mohsin Hasan Siddiqui

“The SCHP is an essential tool in plugging in knowledge gaps in essential child healthcare provision to primary care setting. This has been true in my case too. It has immensely helped in reinforcing my paediatric knowledge but also plugged in knowledge gaps. It has provided me with the tools to effectively see, manage and refer paediatric patients. The course contents, webinars and recorded videos are very valuable and useful and helped me immensely throughout the duration of the course. I am more confident as a GP to manage paediatric patients effectively”.
Dr Subhasis Talapatra

“This has been a wonderful and enriching experience for me. While doing case reports, I got a good chance in recalling and writing about two most difficult and wonderful case experiences in my life as a general practitioner .While doing those reports, it made me wonder how awful my mistakes have been and how I would not repeat them . The online learning tools like webcasts and webinars are such concise but appropriate learning tools to know all kinds of medical conditions that can be seen in a child and how best they can be dealt with. thanks to this program , I am a much more smarter and safer General practitioner whilst dealing with kids of different age groups than what I was before. I am skilled in doing detailed and appropriate check-ups of children now including good history taking, thorough examinations , finding out various possibilities that could be affecting children and how safely and appropriately dealing with them . Thanks again for giving me a chance to get updated with paediatric skills and I recommend this course to each and every doctor who would like to serve the suffering kids in the best way possible”.
Dr Meenakshi Suri

“I just loved the lecture of Dr David Isaacs on Meningitis. It was a like a treat listening to him, Wish he can present more lectures on infectious diseases”.
Alumni, India

“I was really blessed to be able to be a part of this program with so many great people. Hope more doctors in our hospital will participate in the program too”.
Dr Shiqiang Fu

“Being a part of this program has not only opened up my mind and constantly challenged me, it has also made me a better practitioner and brought endless opportunities my way. Thank you for your hard work and dedication”.
Dr Charlene Chideme

“The webcasts are increasingly getting better every year. Thanks for the effort being put in this....It is truly online learning... Thanks”.
Nurse Conrad Wanyama
Nairobi, Kenya

“The webcasts, webinars are designed so well for GP and hospital levels. It covers common but very important topics like infant feeding, immunisation, growth and development issues to complex conditions that all doctors should know how to recognise and manage. All the webcasts are very well structured with practical approach to conditions along with simple flow charts / diagrams which can be easily referred to in clinical practice”.
Dr A Amekhar
VIC, Australia

“Thank you for this opportunity to perform an OAT assessment. I was impressed by the structured way this assessment was set out and the resources provided. I was also impressed by the level of knowledge that was expected from the candidates. It makes me feel confident about our doctors accessing this educational resource.”.
Dr Natalie Deuble
SCHP OAT Supervsior, Australia

“The SCHP provided a wonderful opportunity to update and up skill in paediatrics. I cannot recommend the program highly enough. I was challenged to study regularly. At least 5 hrs a week which is actually a big time commitment if you are a working parent. Taking a full year the many lectures provided specialists at the peak of their field providing clinically relevant information. I had many many opportunities to use my new skills in general and subspecialty paediatrics throughout the year”.
Dr Katrina Morkel

“Managing the febrile child, paediatric emergencies and acute presentations. The webcasts regarding these topics increased my confidence in managing such presentations. I feel more competent in making the initial assessment of an unwell child based on activity/arousal, breathing, circulation and dehydration. I will continue to use these skills in my practice to improve triage of patients (advise to attend hospital or discharge with management plan)”.
Dr Anna Middleton

“It was indeed my pleasure to host the team and yourself earlier in the course of the year. The feedback from the medical students was that they benefited tremendously from the lecture input that they received. As a department we continue to benefit from the tireless efforts you are putting to see us become better clinicians and overall improve the welfare of children in our respective settings. I believe with the enhancements to learning introduced in 2017, the participants should find it easier to embrace and master the concepts being taught”.
Dr Martha Sarudzayi Chigova-Mahlanze

“I want to say that all of us are attending and studying this course not just for passing the final examination but for improving our knowledge and skills to be able to give better health care to our lovely Myanmar children”.
Dr Zay Yar Aung

“It was the most valuable course I have done since starting medicine. I am so pleased to find that I will have access to the lectures and webcasts as they were more and more valuable as I dealt with more and more paediatric patients and am sure they will continue to be. I was dreadfully scared of paediatric patients and now am so thrilled at the idea of helping children and families. Thank you so much”.
Dr Janice Vieira
QLD, Australia

“The lectures were and continue to be up to date, relevant and practical. I have been hooked to Magga since! What is exciting is being able to use and adapt the knowledge to our local context, refine patient care plans and while teaching realise that I am also learning! As a Mom of one energetic toddler, I now appreciate why parent education is such a vital part of managing children. A section that among many is covered particularly well throughout the program”.
Dr Charlene Fungai Chideme
Harare, Zimbabwe

“Congratulations again to you and your team for the success in the International Education Association of Australia award for Best Practice in International Education in 2017. It is a privilege for Hobsons/QS and myself to support the recognition of the team, in a truly transformative TNE project. We are lucky to work with universities and educators on a daily basis, but it is great to be reminded of the truly transformative power of education, and how international education is a force for good globally – the program team has done an excellent job in impacting the health and well-being of children globally, impacting the lives of many for the better across 25 countries. Well done again”.
Andy Nicol, Managing Director QS Enrolment Solutions (formerly Hobsons Solutions), Award sponsors

“I recently completed my final assessment for the program and wanted to take the opportunity to offer my deepest gratitude for such an excellent program. I've been a student of various courses for over 25 years and I've found the program to be the best online/distance ed program I've undertaken. The range and experience of presenters has been fantastic. The presentations have been interesting and inspiring. The assessment has been fair and balanced. The new platform makes presentations easy to navigate and personalise and the quiz questions embedded in the talks help my motivation. I am particularly impressed that I will have ongoing access to such quality materials post-graduation. I will be a proud alumnus. I'm very happy to recommend this course to my colleagues (and often do) and I wish you the best for your ongoing success”.
Dr Sandy Braiuka
WA, Australia

“Thank you for sharing the knowledge in a friendly way. I have learned so much and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to learn in this unique setting. This course has given me confidence to treat children and manage them with a holistic approach. I’m also very impressed with the global perspective of this course”.
Dr Habibur Rahman

“On the whole I found completing this OAT task quite useful. It covered a number of important issues that come up frequently in everyday practice. Recurrent abdominal pain can be tricky, and I felt the approach here will help me to be more confident making a positive diagnosis of RAP, which in turn will hopefully help families accept this more readily and deal with it appropriately. The tasks to explain to parents was useful and helped to practice an approach to explanation I could use in clinical practice, as well as reinforcing the HEADSS approach and engaging with adolescents, a consultation that can often be challenging. I feel a lot more confident dealing with issues of vaccination and immunocompromised children after this and now know where to go to access information to check schedules etc going forward. The process of needing to practice the answers prior to completing the OAT really helped to cement the information and I feel I am more likely to remember the topics and salient points we covered here than others where I have simply watched the lectures and made notes”.
Dr Brydie Ksiazek
Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

“I am sure you don’t need my endorsement but I thought I would congratulate your team on the OAT idea. I have spent much of my professional career designing assessments for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and Deakin University, but I have never struck one quite like this task. It was simple to administer and seems quite academically rigorous. It is brave to allow non-pediatricians to mark it (I am an emergency physician). Well done”.
Dr Tim Baker

“I enjoyed doing the OAT. I think it was well thought out dealing with common conditions now facing us as challenges in the paediatric filed like obesity and hypertension and the role of OSA”.
Dr Shobha Iyer
Melbourne, VIC

“Thank you for the opportunity to be an assessor. I thought the new OAT was a fantastic opportunity for the participants to look into the scenarios in depth. I did the DCH in 2014 and feel that I didn't have the same understanding of the paediatric issues in the assessment. In fact, I found that the questions were reminiscent of the study I did for the RACP written exam! I would happily be an assessor again, as it jogged my memory as well :)”.
Mel Yeoh
Perth, Australia