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Below you will find information related to policies, procedures and rules that apply to the delivery of the SCHP from the SCHN.

Enrolment Policies and Guidelines

• The Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP) is an online part-time continuing professional development program of study in paediatrics for doctors and health professionals. Doctors enrol over one year and other health professionals are recommended to complete the program over two years.
• To be enrolled in the SCHP, participants must register and submit an online enrolment application at www.magga.org.au
• Participants agree to abide by policies and procedures listed in the “Participant Handbook” and agree to pay all fees and charges directly arising from their enrolment.
• All enrolees will receive a “Provisional Offer letter” once they meet the entry requirements with free 30-day trial access to limited webcasts. Full access to program content is only provided on finalisation of enrolment and payment of program fees.
• Depending on the enrolment category you apply, there are conditions to be met for certain discounted categories to finalise your enrolment.
• There are four assessments – two online case report submission, one oral and one written component. The oral and written components are face-to-face. The SCHP face-to-face assessments are conducted across several sites in Australia and Internationally. However, some travel may be involved to the nearest SCHP examination site in your region.
• Clinical paediatric experience is not required prior or during the enrolment. However, on completion of the requirements of a program of study, to be eligible to receive the Certificate of Certificate, participants must successfully complete all four assessments and 26 weeks clinical paediatric experience.
• Each enrolled participant will be issued with a unique participant ID on finalisation of their enrolment and unique log in access. Please provide your participant ID while communicating to the SCHP and do not share your log in details with others.
• Enrolled participants may amend their enrolment in certain circumstances in accordance with SCHP enrolment guidelines provided in the Participant Handbook.
• All enrolees of the Sydney Child Health Program must read and agree to the enrolment, assessment, fee refund, deferral and/or re-sit policy prior to enrolment.
• The enrolment of a participant may be discontinued or suspended under certain conditions established by the Sydney Child Health Program. Participants expelled from the program due to plagiarism and/or cheating their assessments will not be permitted to re-enrol in the program.
• All participants are requested to read and understand all program details and guidelines provided in the Participant Handbook prior to enrolling in the SCHP.

Program Fees and Refunds

• All Programs Fees must be paid within 30 days of the date of the Provisional Offer made to applicants
• When an application for a program is received, your Program Fees will be advised and a Provisional Offer made, if eligible
• Refunds are paid within 2 months of enrolment finalisation (payment of fees)
• An Administration Fee of AUD300 is applicable for refunds for some categories of Participants and further information available from the SCHP Office
• All refund requests must be in writing and sent to the:

Business Operations Manager - Rita Gudinho

• Re-Enrolment Fees may apply when Participants have failed a program twice or wish to continue in a program beyond two years (for Doctors) and three years (for Nurses).

For all further enquiries related to Program Fees and Refunds please email service@magga.org.au or phone: +61 2 9933 8600.

Special Consideration

If you are unable to complete an assessment or attend an Examination due to medical or exceptional circumstances, you may request for Special Consideration in writing with supporting evidence.

You may be eligible for Special Consideration if you didn't complete your final exam or assessment due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control, the reasons may include:

• acute illness
• loss or bereavement
• hardship or trauma.

All requests for Special Consideration must be in writing and supporting documentation must be provided and sent to:

Business Operations Manager - Rita Gudinho

For all further enquiries related to SCHP Fees and Refunds please email service@magga.org.au or phone: +61 2 9933 8600.


When preparing written work which is to be submitted for marking please read the Assessment Task Outline carefully and follow instructions. This includes information regarding referencing requirements.
There are many reasons why referencing is important and some are listed below:

• To distinguish your own ideas from those of someone else
• To cite different points of view
• To validate what you are writing, by referring to documented evidence
• To inform readers of the scope and depth of your reading
• To integrate information by assessing, comparing, contrasting or evaluating it, to show understanding
• To enable readers to consult the original source independently. For instance the interpretation you give may be different from the one intended.

You must acknowledge the source of any information to avoid plagiarism.
This section was sourced from the University of Auckland’s ‘Referencite’ www.cite.auckland.ac.nz

Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct

We encourage you to read the Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct guidelines below before commencing any assessment. Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct is viewed seriously.

Plagiarism is a form of Academic Misconduct; some types and examples of Academic Misconduct are provided in the Table below. Table extract sources from University of Wollongong’s ‘Procedure for Managing Academic Misconduct by a Participant undertaking Program work’ (2007).

misconduct table

SCHP reserves the right to exclude or penalise any participant found to have behaved in such a way as to bring Sydney Child Health Program, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network or the University of Sydney into disrepute.

Reasons for exclusion include but are not limited to: misuse of SCHP material, academic and examination misconduct, inappropriate copying and distribution of program material.

Any form of plagiarism would result in:
      • program withdrawal
      • no further access to program content
      • no provision of certificate of completion and
      • no further opportunity to re-enrol.

For all further enquiries related to Academic Misconduct or Plagiarism please email service@magga.org.au. 
You must acknowledge the source of any information to avoid plagiarism.