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Frequently Asked Questions

Before starting the Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP)

  1. Where can I find more information about the program?

    Program information is available online at Program outline

    Please also read the SCHP Participant Handbook prior to submitting your application for enrolment. After you complete the online enrolment form, you will receive further detailed information about the program, including program fees.

  2. Has the program title changed?

    Yes, this program is now known as the Sydney Child Health Program. This change is a legal requirement. The program continues as a high-level vocational skills training, providing paediatric education for health professionals to enhance their knowledge, confidence and skills in caring for children and young people. Its time requirements and cost structure place it as a ‘non-award’ course, outside the formal Australian structure in higher education, known as the Australian Qualifications Framework.

  3. What does ‘Sydney’ refer to in the new name?

    The Sydney Child Health Program continues to be a globally-relevant program, and it continues to be supported by both the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and the University of Sydney. It is designed to support and educate children’s health practitioners all over the world, based on best practice principles applied in those locations. You do not have to be resident or practicing in Sydney in order to benefit from the education and experience you will gain.

  4. What is a ‘non-award’ program?

    Non-award means that you are studying outside of the formal ‘AQF’ structure in Higher Education in Australia.

  5. What is the AQF?

    The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training systems. It incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework. The AQF was first introduced in 1995 to underpin the national system of qualifications in Australia encompassing higher education, vocational education and training and schools.

  6. Is this program available outside Australia?

    Yes, the SCHP is available throughout Australia and from outside Australia.

  7. If I complete this program, does it help me to be able to live and/or work in Australia?

    Successful completion of the program does not change the formal requirements of the Australian Medical Council to practice in Australia.

  8. Do I need to come to Australia to do this program?

    This is an online program designed to enable you to continue to live in your own country where you can directly share the benefits of the program with your paediatric patients and their families while you are learning. There is no need to come to Australia for the program or exams.

  9. I’ll be travelling overseas during the year. Can I still do the program?

    All program materials are made available online, so you can access the information from anywhere at any time as long as you have internet access. Please contact our office if you will not have returned to your usual address by the time of the examination. Kindly note, in the event of change in personal circumstances and participant's relocation overseas (to a non-SCHP operating country), conditions apply. Please inform SCHP office at service@magga.org.au for further advice and guidance.

  10. What is an ‘exam stream?’

    This refers to a group of enrolled Participants who are scheduled to complete the program, including a Final Exam at the same time. Final Exams are scheduled in either June or December each year. You will be allocated to either the June Exam Stream or December Exam Stream, based on the country in which you reside and the time of year you choose to enrol. Assessment due dates vary according to the Exam stream in which you are enrolled.

  11. When does the program start?

    December exam stream: The program commences in late January / early February for those undertaking their final exams in December. This includes Participants in Australia, Hong Kong and some international locations who are enrolled in a ‘December Exam stream’.

    June exam stream: The program commences in September for those attempting final exams in June. Many international sites are scheduled to commence in September and are enrolled in an ‘June Exam stream’.

    At enrolment, you are allocated an exam stream and have immediate access to all program content to commence your studies. If you are an international participant with tutors, you will receive communication from your tutors about tutorial times.

  12. What are the program/assessment requirements?

    Please refer to the program outline for program/assessment requirements.

  13. Who endorses this program?

    The program is provided by the The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and endorsed by The University of Sydney.

  14. When are webcasts updated?

    All content is reviewed annually. Updated webcasts are released in late January/ early February each year.

  15. How long is the program?

    Most doctor participants complete the program in one year studying part time, approximately 8 hours per week. It is recommended that nurses and allied health professionals consider completing the program over 2 years.NOTE: All categories do have the opportunity of ONE free deferral or re-sit during their enrollment

  16. When do enrolments and applications close? Am I too late to enrol?

    Online enrolments remain open throughout the year. The date that you finalise your enrolment influences the Final Exam date and the Exam Stream into which you are allocated. Australia has two exam streams, while international countries have only one exam stream.

  17. Can I email documents, or do I have to mail them?

    At enrolment, Australian participants who do not have an AHPRA number, proof of your qualifications must be provided as certified copies in hard copy to our office usually by post. In certain circumstances (as per the below), we will accept emailed copies of certified qualifications.

    Documents and Assessments can be uploaded to on the website on your Profile page on the magga website.

  18. What does ‘certified copy’ mean?

    A certified copy is a copy of an original document that has been sighted and verified as being a true copy by an authorised person. In Australia, a Justice of the Peace (JP) is recognised as an authorised person.

    For international applicants at established sites, you may ask the program tutor to be the ‘authorised person’ to sight your original educational qualifications and verify / sign the copy as a true copy of the original and email the certified copy. Original qualifications must be translated into English, and then certified as a true copy of the original.

  19. My documents are in my country’s language. Do I need to get them translated into English?

    Documents must be submitted in English. Any documents not in English must be translated and validated by an ‘authorised person’(see previous question for definition of an authorised person).

  20. What level of English do I need?

    Following discussions with international colleagues, our recommendation is a minimal level of IELTS 5.5 overall (or equivalent); noting that skills in reading and listening are of greatest importance. Link for IELTS: https://ielts.com.au/ielts-in-australia/study-in-australia/

For the Program

Program Fees

  1. How are fees set?

    This program is self-funded. Program fees are set to ensure affordability for all who wish to enjoy the benefits of this program and are reviewed annually. They are substantially lower in comparison to university courses.

  2. Can I pay my program fee in instalments?

    It may be possible to pay your program fee in three instalments over five months. However, all three instalments must be apid by the due date. Payments made beyond the due date attract a late fee.

    Full access to the online material for 30 days will be provided on initial enrolment and continued following processing of your first instalment payment. Subsequent payments will be processed by the outlined due dates. Your program access will unfortunately be suspended if payments are not completed.

    Please contact our office to request an “instalment payment form (PLEASE DO NOT AMEND THE FULL FEE PAYMENT FORM AND RETURN TO US)



    Due date

    Instalment 1

    40% of the program fee plus $300 administration fee

    1 month after enrolling

    Instalment 2

    30% of the program fee

    3 months after enrolling

    Instalment 3

    30% of the program fee

    5 months after enrolling

    Further information is provided once an application form is submitted online.

  3. Can you process my payment and give me access to the program before I send you my documents?

    Free limited access to program material is provided for 30 days on approval of your application. Full access will be provided once you have submitted required supporting documents and paid your relevant program fees.

  4. Is Scholarship or Bursary Payment available for Australian participants to support program fee for the Sydney Child Health Program?

    Yes, the Health Workforce Scholarship Program (HWSP), an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health administered in all States of Australia to assist health professionals in rural and remote Australia only. See details provided here. Please note, the SCHP office will not be answering any queries related to the scholarship or bursary payments. You will need to contact the respective network within your state of residence and will be subject to their terms and conditions.

About the Program

  1. Do I need to attend Webcasts in person?

    All program content is made available online. Attendance in person is not required.

  2. Can I have the webcast recordings on DVD?

    The Program is provided online with the expectation that Participants have, or will obtain, an internet connection sufficient to access the material. Online delivery gives you the most flexibility to view the material at any location and time of your choosing. Unfortunately, program content will not be made available on DVDs.

  3. Will there be specific times of day when I must log in to watch Webcasts?

    No, webcasts are delivered via internet streaming and can be viewed at any time after being made available online. This delivery mode allows you to access and plan your study at your own pace.

  4. Can I send questions to Webcast Presenters?

    Yes. Webcast Presenters welcome your questions! Please send your questions to our Team at service@magga.org.au and your questions will be forwarded to the Webcast Presenters on your behalf. We then publish questions and their answers in our monthly Program Case Journal to share with others.

  5. Can I provide feedback about the Program?

    We welcome your feedback! Please go to Contact Us page and use the online ‘Get in Touch’ form to provide feedback. We look forward to receiving it. Your feedback guides our refinements of this program to best meet your needs.

Assessment 1 and 2 - Case Reports

  1. What do I need to know about Case Report submission?

    Before commencing preparation of your Health and Equity or Medical Case report, we encourage you to go through all the useful information provided at the following link on the use of write Word template, assessment outline, marking guide, FAQ-Case Report and Plagiarism Policy: https://www.magga.org.au/participant-resources/CaseReportTemplates/.

    Emailed case reports will not be accepted. All case report submissions must be made online.

Assessment 3 - Oral Assessment Task (OAT)

  1. Who does the Oral Assessment Task?

    All Participants sitting the Final MCQ exam in 2021 are required to complete the Oral Assessment Task.

  2. How do I choose a Supervisor?

    Please refer to the Steps to Complete the Oral Assessment Task included in the OAT Pack sent to Participants on payment of Program Fees.

    International participaints will be assigned an OAT Supervisor by the SCHP office.

  3. Can a relative or a friend be my OAT Supervisor?

    No, you are not able to nominate a person with whom you have a personal relationship; this includes and is not limited to immediate family, close relatives, friendship outside the workplace or sexual partners, as this creates a conflict of interest.

  4. Do I need to give my Supervisor the OAT documentation?

    No, our Office will contact your OAT Supervisor and provide required documentation.

  5. What if I can’t find a Supervisor?

    Please contact our Office immediately and email service@magga.org.au or phone +61 2 9933 8600

  6. I’ve missed the due date for submitting my Supervisor Nomination – what do I do?

    Special Consideration with respect to OAT Supervisor Nomination will only be considered in exceptional cases with supporting documentary evidence and must be emailed to service@magga.org.au

  7. How do I prepare for the OAT?

    Please refer to the Assessment Task Outline – OAT included in the OAT Pack sent to Participants on payment of Program Fees.

  8. What do I write in the Scenario Reflections?

    Please refer to the Assessment Task Outline – OAT which is forwarded to Participants on payment of Program Fees.

  9. Can I email my OAT Result Form to your Office?

    No, submission is online. Please go to MY Assessments and follow links to the ‘OAT Submission.’

  10. I’ve missed the due date for submitting my OAT Results Form and Reflections – what do I do?

    Special Consideration with respect to late OAT Results Form and Reflections submission will only be considered in exceptional cases with supporting documentary evidence and must be emailed to service@magga.org.au

  11. Do I have to achieve ‘Competent’ for both Clinical Scenarios?

    Yes, you are required to achieve a ‘Competent’ result for two Scenarios.

  12. What if my result is ‘Not yet competent’ for the OAT?

    If you are deemed 'Not yet competent' in either one or both of the OAT scenarios, you will have the opportunity to re-sit OAT. If you have failed the OAT on two separate occasions, you will be required to attend a tutorial session with a member of our paediatric academic team. You will then be offered a third opportunity to sit the OAT online with one of our paediatric academic team as the supervisor. If you have failed the OAT on three separate occasions, you will be required to re-enol for the following year.

  13. I enrolled late – will I be able to have more time to complete the OAT?

    Please contact our Office immediately and request Special Consideration with respect to an extension of time for OAT Supervisor Nomination and email service@magga.org.au

  14. If I defer the program what happens to my OAT result?

    The result you achieved in OAT will be carried forward and you will not be required to reattempt this Assessment Task.

  15. Can I take prepared notes to the OAT Interview?

    No, you will be provided with the scenarios and questions that you will be asked by your OAT Supervisor during the Interview. And the interview is to be arranged at your and your Supervisor’s convenience. Participants are not permitted to take prepared notes into the OAT Interview.

Final MCQ Examination

  1. Where will my Final MCQ Examination be held?

    The SCHP Office will communicate the exam arrangements 2 months prior to the scheduled Final Exam.

  2. Can I change the date I sit my Final Exam?

    Unfortunately, these dates cannot be changed. Final Exam dates are set by the Office and announced at your program commencement. If you choose not to attempt your Final Exam on the scheduled date, you may request to defer your Final Exam and attempt the Final Exam in the next program year, provided this is your 1st year of enrolment. Conditions and fees apply.

  3. What are the duration of the Final MCQ Exam?

    Final MCQ Exam Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

  4. Can I defer the Final MCQ Exam?

    You may request to defer your Final MCQ Exam once at no cost if the:

    • request to defer is completed in the 1st year of enrolment.

    • SCHP Office notification deadlines are met.

  5. How do I request to defer the Final MCQ Exam?

    You will receive an online Final Exam Attendance Form approx. 2 months prior to your scheduled Final MCQ Exam.

    • This form provides an option to request to defer your Final Exam to the 2nd year of enrolment.

  6. If I defer the Final MCQ Exam, do I need to submit my Case Reports again?

    No, if your request to defer the exam is successful, you will not need to re-submit Case Reports. Your Case Report marks will be carried forward.

    You may however choose to resubmit your Case Report a second time if your mark was less than 50% for a Case Report. Submissions must be received by the advertised due dates in the following year in order to be marked.

  7. What if I fail the Final MCQ Exam?

    All failed participants receive ONE free re-sit. If you fail the MCQ exam in your 1st year of enrolment:

    • You may re-attempt the MCQ exam once at no cost the following year.

    • Your Case Report marks are carried forward and resubmission of Case Reports is not required.

    If you fail the MCQ exam in your 2nd year of enrolment:

    • You will need to re-enrol and pay applicable fees to complete the program.

    • Case Report marks are not carried forward. You will need to resubmit Case Reports on re-enrolment.

When I complete the Program

  1. What will I receive at the conclusion of the program?

    Following success in all program assessments and finishing your paediatric experience, you will receive a 'Certificate of completion' of the Sydney Child Health Program.

  2. Will I still have access to the program material after I complete the program?

    As a member of the Program Alumni, on completion of an annual brief survey, you will be offered lifetime access to our website and resources at no cost, providing you complete an annual survey form. Without completion of this annual survey, your access will be discontinued. Access will only be renewed on receipt of the completed survey form by the due date provided in the subsequent alumni survery email notification.

  3. Does the SCHP articulate into the Master of Medicine (Paediatrics) at University of Sydney?

    If a Participant who has successfully completed the Program applies to the University, within 5 years of completion, to undertake a Masters of Medicine (Paediatric Medicine), Graduate Certificate of Medicine (Paediatric Medicine) or Graduate Diploma of Medicine (Paediatric Medicine) then, subject to the University's right to exercise its discretion in unusual circumstances, the University will grant credit points to that Participant for the subsequent course. Please see the Sydney Medical School of the University of Sydney web site (link) for further information. Further enquiries must be directed directly to the University of Sydney. Please email paediatrics@med.usyd.edu.au”

  4. As an Australian Participant do I get CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Points on successful completion of the Program?

    Yes, Australian doctor participants received CPD recognition for the Sydney Child Health Program by the following colleges:

    Points are assigned to college memberships for year in which final written exam is successfully completed, as relevant to the triennium guidelines of each accrediting body.


    Name of Activity




    Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

    Sydney Child Health Program

    Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN)

    80 Category 1 points

    80 Accredited CPD points

    Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)



    30 CPDP

    TBA Hours

    Period: 1st July 2020 to 31st December 2021:


    Name of Activity


    CPD Category

    Activity Type

    Approved Hours

    Australian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM)

    Sydney Child Health Program

    Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN)

    Educational Activities

    Online Educational Activity

    130 hours

Website Access

  1. I can’t remember my password. What can I do?

    1. Go to the forgot password facility, this is directly below the Username and Password fields on our website.

    2. Complete the User Name field and submit.

    3. You will be prompted to answer a security question.

    4. Answer the question successfully then press submit and a temporary email will be sent to your registered email address.

    5. Now copy the system generated password and log in using this new password.

    6. NOTE: This system generated password is your new password until changed via the profile page.

  2. I can’t remember my Magga username. What do I do?

    1. Contact the SCHP administration team via email service@magga.org.au or phone +61 2 9933 8600

    2. Verify your credentials, you will be required to provide the following

      1. Full Name

      2. Home address

      3. Email address

    3. Your username will be sent to your registered email address