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Program Outline

About the Sydney Child Health Program:

A graduate-entry, online, comprehensive continuing professional development program for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals that aims to enhance knowledge, skills and confidence in treating children and adolescents. It offers an excellent overview of evidence based current best practice in paediatrics covering more than 30 sub-specialties from neonates to adolescents as a part-time program of study presented by over 100 renowned clinicians of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and the University of Sydney. There is a suggested study time of 3 to 4 hours per weeks, over 38 weeks.

A total of 111 Webcasts form the core of the program content. These are compulsory and are available on-line. Webcasts are updated annually and presented by internationally renowned paediatric experts, They are recorded at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Participants are welcome to attend live presentations at all times.

SCHP Learning outcomes
The program content is divided into nine modules which reflect a journey of learning in paediatric education covering all sub-specialty areas from neonate to adolescents.  Upon completion of the program, participants can expect to:

  • Determine how health inequities impact on the care for children and advocate for vulnerable paediatric patients.
  • Assess and manage common paediatric presentations according to current best evidence
  • Identify and apply management plans of common paediatric problems
  • Communicate diagnosis and management of patients and their needs to parents/carers/healthcare professionals

SCHP Learning pathway
The table below shows the nine modules and the recommended time it takes to complete watching the webcasts.


Download SCHP curriculum here


SCHP Assessment timelines
The Sydney Child Health Program offers two final examination streams. The assessment timelines of each final examination stream is displayed below.

June 2021 Exam stream


December 2021 Exam stream


2021 Assessment Tasks:

For all SCHP Participants

Assessment Task Weighting Key aspects
Case Report 1 – Health Inequity 10% 1000 word case report using template.
After modules 1 & 2 are completed
Case Report 2 - Medical 10% 1000 word case report using template
From any module 1 –9.
Oral Assessment Task N/A Standardised structured viva
Must achieve ‘Competent’
Final MCQ examination 80% Multiple choice exam
Must achieve 'PASS'
TOTAL 100%  

Program requirements - Program marks

To successfully complete the SCHP, Participants must: 

Program requirements Assessments PASS Marks  
- Successfully complete Case Report 1 and 2
- Sucessfully complete the Oral Assessment Task (OAT)
- Pass the Final MCQ Examination
- Achieve an overall program mark of at least 50%
Case reports
Oral Assessment Task
Final MCQ exam

At International Locations - Collaborative in-country learning:

At established sites outside Australia, in addition to Webcasts, Case Journals and other resources, Participants have the opportunity to attend one hour weekly Tutorials with a local Paediatric expert. Tutorials provide additional local content relevant to each webcast, highlighting key areas of difference in cultural and traditional medicine practices, genetics, legal responsibilities, local antibiotic and immunisation protocols, how best to use local resources and how to interpret common local presentations. Tutorials can be conducted face to face, at a bedside, by phone or by videoconference.

Extracurricular Activities
During the duration of SCHP enrolment, there may be opportunities to attend additional educational experiences or services to some participants which are held in Sydney. These have included:

  • 7 Live Webinars annually – Recorded version available as examinable content.
  • SCHP Journal Case Studies released monthly.
  • Community Child Health visits for Sydney Participants (Participants from all other locations are strongly encouraged to seek out services and attend at least once where possible).
  • Practical Paediatrics for GPs held annually at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney.
  • 3-day Clinical Workshop is held just prior to the December Final Examination held at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney. *additional fee applicable.
  • Study Groups

Additional learning resources for participants are available online following enrolment. These include links to lists of free e-journals, Kids Health Fact Sheets to enhance your communication with Parents and Carers, online National Prescribing Curriculum – paediatric modules, and additional (non-examinable) webcasts.

SCHP overview

Sydney Child Health Program - Overview







SCHP Curriculum